NEVER Ever Ever Getting Back Together

scandjp2Here is a piece of mine published on ThoughtCatalog a few days ago:

Nine ways to break up and NOT be Friends.

My favorite way is probably the first way — to come home from a business trip to London and leave out a beautiful jewelry box — for someone else.

And yes, it was done to me — though I never confronted the man. I can still see the finely wrapped little box, its Liberty-like pattern of orange and black, its shimmery ribbon, his satisfaction as we both gazed at it on his mantel in Brooklyn Heights — and his then sudden turning away from it and reaching into his bag for my present — some English chocolate bars he’d bought at the airport.

What to say? We had been on a “break.” Not for long though…

Most of the break up ideas in this Thought Catalog piece are for men to use on their girlfriends.  A few days ago, however, my retired friend Jackie asked why there weren’t ideas for women to use on their boyfriends? It’s a good point, and I am working on that.

Please check up my piece,  should you feel so inclined.

Many thanks.

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