A love postcard…… or Man of the Week

Offering two perks this season, royalty season — or not as it could be. In an effort to increase my numbers I am offering these special rewards!

Buy just one copy of 5scanbyronbed2 Men – paperback or ebook (only $9.99) here and I will personally write and post you one beautiful unique vintage love postcard such as this 30 year old postcard of Lord Byron’s Bedroom, left.

Or, for 2 or more copies think about being a 52 Men MAN OF THE WEEK.

For the How To Instructions on that, please email me at  louisewleonard@gmail.com. I will need a photograph of you and a brief interview so I can post something special.


Also, if you missed the serious study of 52 Men, Susan Minot, Didion and Gaitskill in the LARB it is here:  Why Can’t You Be Sweet? 

52 Men suggests that our identity is at least in part a product of our romantic past, and that the particulars we choose to depict that past are significant, comprising a kind of personal psychobiography.”

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Author of 52 Men, 2015. Excerpts in The Rumpus, Tin House, Fiction Advocate and Gargoyle.
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