Escape from X-Ville, gross, dirty and mean

life04-082715A dead mother, a seriously disturbed drunkard father, a job at a boy’s prison, unattractive clothing, bad looks, this book was so miserable I almost ditched it. And yay! Thank God I didn’t, because it suddenly became not weirdly grossly original, but an excellent twisted thriller Eileen — Eileen Eileen Eileen — it makes me think of my favorite song Jolene (Jack White/White Stripes version) please don’t take him just because you can.

Eileen’s girl crush on Rebecca, her run for a new life…

You can think what you want, that I was vicious and conniving, that I was selfish, delusional, so twisted and paranoid that only death and destruction would satisfy me, make me happy. You can say I had a criminal mind, I was pleased only by the suffering of others, what have you. In a moment’s time I figured out how to solve everyone’s problems…

And she does. Movie coming, also. Author Ottessa Moshfegh (from Boston) got out of poverty with this book and hit the big time.  Good news for all of us.

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