52 Men the Podcast…

So here it comes, 52 Men The Podcast: Very Excited.

We launch, with Red Hen Pres,s late in October. Each podcast is  10 minutes.

The lineup so far:

Lynne Tillman (Weird Fucks) read by Louise Wareham Leonard

All others so far read by the individual authors:


Elissa Schappell (Vanity Fair/ Tin House/novelist)

Binnie Klein, (A Miniature World radio feature/writer)

Elissa Basisst (Rumpus’ Funny Women)

Julia Slavin, and more..

To begin, please submit up to 800 words max — nonfiction, fiction or any variation thereof on a woman’s experience of a man or men, currently to louisewleonard@gmail.com.


About louisewleonard

Author of 52 Men, Since You Ask, and others Also in The Rumpus, Tin House, Fiction Advocate, Gargoyle.
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