52 Men the Podcast: Women Telling Stories about Men

Today the podcast went live with three episodes by three awesome women writers: Amalia Negreponti, Lynne Tillman and Caroline Leavitt.


Amalia Negreponti


Lynne Tillman. Photo by Craig Mod


Caroline Leavitt















FYI, In case you were wondering, this podcast has no bias or agenda; it is simply a platform for women to share stories about men who have had an impact on their lives. The stories can also be fiction — mixed genre is absolutely welcome.

Please visit SoundCloud here for the first episodes. And if you are inspired to, please write for writers guidelines to 52Menthepodcast@gmail.com.

And for some words on the concept — here, from Binnie Klein:

Think of your life – peopled with your objects and subjects of desire/love/lust/curiosity. Give each on eat least a paragraph. Distill the essence with details and/or impressions. What did each one teach you? How did each one (in some cases) harm you? What were you searching for on that sea of beds? What Leonard understands. is how we remember these often brief encounters – as a phrase, a scent, an embarrassment, a surprise….  –

And from Amanda Fortini in the LARB:

 52 Men suggests that our identity is at least in part a product of our romantic past, and that the particulars we choose to depict that past are significant, comprising a kind of personal psychobiography…

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