Here was this chance to break through that coldness and do something decent

Episode 13 of 52 Men the Podcast.

“The Difficulty of Being Good” is a story about the desire and need to help other people — in this case, two separate strangers, both met on the street at different times, and both men. Do we help them selflessly, or to help ourselves? And how do they feel about it? Author Eliza Factor is the founder of Extreme Kids & Crew, a playspace for children with disabilities in Brooklyn. She has published two novels Love Maps and The Mercury Fountain with Akashic Books.

(Akashic, full disclosure) also published my (as Louise Wareham) 2004 Since You Ask, the James Jones Award winning novel about a girl working with her doctor to recover from sexual abuse.

Eliza’s memoir, Strange Beauty, about life with her son, will be published by Parallax Press in the fall of 2017. See her website for more: Author photo by Micaela Walker

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