Hightailing it through another faceless desert….


In an excerpt from her novel-in-progress After Venice, writer ANDREA R. VAUCHER tells the story of a woman whose Maserati breaks down out of L.A. in the desert. Then arrives, to rescue her, an all American male with the perfect body, a smile to kill and a whole lot of secrets… just like her…

LA-based award-winning journalist (media, travel, style, the arts and spirituality) published widely including NYTimes, LATimes, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Tricycle, Huffington Post. She is also Author of “Muses From Chaos and Ash: AIDS, Artists and Art” (Grove Press, 1993) — an oral history of the artists on the frontline of the AIDS crisis and the first book to explore the effect of the AIDS epidemic on the international art community.

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