An Interview with the Creative Process

Long before the Me Too movement, you’ve been writing books and coming of age stories [Since You Ask, Miss Me a Lot of] about survivors of assault, abuses of power.

The Creative Process Exhibition was launched at the Sorbonne and is traveling to forty leading universities around the world. The exhibition consists of interviews with over 100 esteemed writers. For info and photos of the project, go here.

Click to my interview, which includes The Boxer and The Shipping Tycoon, 

… as well as some questions such as Why did you become a writer? Who were your formative influences and  what advice did they give you?

I took to heart the advice of my father and of poet Kenneth Koch who I studied with for at Columbia College in New York: don’t try to write like someone else; write as yourself. It sounds easy, yet it is what all writers strive for.

And what are your views on social media?

Beware as one would beware a proliferation of Sirens on the beach.

Artist Mia Funk is the master behind it, adding her sumptuous often blue painting and designs to the work. Mia told a fantastic story on 52 Men the Podcast, told from the point of view of a woman in a 500 year old painting. To listen, please go here. 



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