Happy Birthday Paul

Paul Dodd can make art from a nail on the wall, and a photo from a slice of light, and a song out of a breadstick. Ok, I haven’t heard the breadstick song, but I can imagine it. Today is his birthday, and I want to thank him for being alive. He and his wife Peggi Fournier are the kind that, when you’re new in town, make you feel that for sure, you’ve made a good move.

Odd thing is, Paul and Peggi came to us, as my step-daughter likes to say, as complete randoms…

they were our neighbors….

I am often bashful about expressing my love, but I love you Paul and Peggi. Here is a photo of Peggi and us and a painting by Paul — which he painted from a mugshot in the newspaper. He has a whole series of these paintings, and one on his old basketball team… You can unlock the mysteries on Paul and Peggi’s site PopWars.com.

Photo by Paul Dodd, in his driveway
Photo by Paul Dodd, in his driveway, Huntington Hills

Paul Dodd Still From Passon of St. Joan

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