I Love Louise

The strangest thing about the brain is the way it remembers, or doesn’t. As in this party, in 2004, with my closest friends, Margaret and Kim.

I remember it, surely; it was a great occasion. And yet it seems eons ago. While a love affair I had in high school has burned itself into my brain as clear as yesterday…

It gets more and more difficult, a doctor told me once, for the brain to arrange the accretion of memories as we continue through time.

And for sure it seems that painful memories sometimes pull me closer than those of happiness.

But is not happiness what we will remember in the grave? The way Kim and I, in the year 2000, stood outside our house in Vermont, in a snowy winter, and Kim wrote totally unexpectedly in large loopy letters in the snow, with a stick from a tree, and wanting nothing in return…

I Love Louise

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