Completely Free — a description by my new employer

Louise brings a commitment to education and a breadth of personal experience likely to be as diverse as any American writer today.

She is compared to American writers Elizabeth Hardwick and Renata Adler — not only for her brief and powerful forms, but for creating a syncretic vision out of myriad experiences and influences. 

Leonard draws on a life spent in vastly different cultures and socio-economic worlds. Born in post-colonial/Maori New Zealand, she traveled through the islands of the South Pacific and immigrated with her family to Manhattan at age twelve.

She then spent years working in disparate worlds — from Wall Street to Union Theological Seminary where she was assistant to late Black Liberation Founder James H Cone — from small town Mississippi to Europe, the Caribbean and outback Australia.

Hers is a distinctly immigrant American voice. As a woman, she also joins a field of modern women artists — markedly independent of family, alone in the world and “completely free.”

About louisewleonard

Author of 52 Men, Since You Ask, and others Also in The Rumpus, Tin House, Fiction Advocate, Gargoyle.
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