To Trespassing, to Matthew and to Fazal

scangoodluckMatthew took me out to Good Luck last night. We had an Old-Fashioned in homage to my (probable) new publisher who says the Old-Fashioned is her favorite drink. Here is to Matthew who never says things like, You are Responsible for Your Own Good Time or Make Your Own Luck. I am grateful for that. Also, he listened to my new story when we got home and has a lot to say about cultures — he is good at crossing them, and also recognizes that good intentions are not always enough to cross them.  This made me think of the only other “foreign” kid in my high school in New York: Fazal Sheikh. scanfazalHe’s now a famous photographer of the “displaced.” No one ever knew what his background was exactly and he is American but rumors at our school were rife with a fascinating cross cultural background (i.e. parents from different places or some such).  He once told a journalist that in his first forays into taking photographs in refugee camps (he’s been all over — India, Kenya, Asia) the photojournalists weren’t inhibited at all about moving through the camps and taking photographs, but for him “That was not my sensibility. I was fearful of  the idea of trespass.”  Here’s Fazal, taken by me, in school in 1978. Behind him is our dear departed Hannah Wit (1965-2007.) I only realized she was in this shot after I was searching for Fazal’s image this morning.

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