52 Men The Podcast

52 Men the Podcast is on Soundcloud: Women Telling Stories About Men

Each episode features one wmia-funk-on-52-men-the-podcastoman writer for approximately 10 minutes. The podcast launched November 15, 2016 with the writers Amalia Negreponti, Lynne Tillman and Caroline Leavitt.

Since then, we have featured 24 wonderful writers, including Eliza Factor, Julia Slavin, Lisa Locascio, Mia Funk, Siel Ju, Jane Alison, Emily Holleman, Aurelie Sheehan….  and many more. We are  now on a summer break, back in the fall. 

For further guidelines, please write to 52menthepodcast@gmail.com.

Submit a short up to 1,000 words on a man – any man, friend or foe, real or fictional. We have no agenda, but seek positive stories about men as well as stories of trouble.

The podcast follows the book 52 Men by Louise Wareham Leonard, published by Red Hen Press in 2015.