Collected Work

Ash Starling (Poem) 2023

Mother At Eighty (Poem) 2022

 Fiery World Amazon Kindle

The German Crowd

52 Men Red Hen Press

See Why Can’t You Be Pretty? LARB

Miss Me A Lot Of (Victoria University Press, New Zealand) 2007

Excerpted in Best New Zealand Fiction 1 (Random House)

Finalist, Prize in Modern Letters

Since You Ask (Akashic Books, New York) 2004

(Stolista Press, Moscow)

Winner of the James Jones First Novel Award

Other Writing

On Feminism in New Zealand & The F Word, New Zealand Books

On  E.L. Grant’ Wilsons’ The Nun and the Bandit and living in outback Australia on Tin

Luxury on Akashic, Thursdaze Serie

Life Invisible on Hamish Clayton, New Zealand Books

Gargoyle 64 (Feature)

Fiction Advocate (Five stories)

“The Shipping Tycoon” The Creative Process

“The Boxer” The Creative Process

Joel, Paul, Bob, Lou, and Timothy” Fiction Advocate

“Five Easy Pieces” The Rumpus

“Three Men” Tin House, The Open Bar

“52 Men” Gargoyle 64 (Feature)  

“Jonathan” KGB Lit Mag

“Miss Me A Lot Of” Best New Zealand Fiction 1 (R House) “Fiery World” POST Magazine

“Ted” (print and audio) Gargoyle (forthcoming 2019)

“First Love, Horticulture” New Zealand Listener

“Regrets from Abroad”

“Some Wrong” Poetry

“Object” Poetry

“Compulsion” Poetry

“Miss Me A Lot Of” Hotel Amerika

“Empire State” Quarter After Eight


Tin House Lost & Found:

On E. L. Grant Watson and outback Australia Tin House online

“How to Date a Writer” The Rumpus

“Ways to Break Up and Not be Friends” ThoughtCatalog

“The Workshop & the Work” Newswrite, Sydney

“Artist Books Afloat” Art Monthly Australia

Words on Wheels ` Booknotes

“Why I Left the 12 Step Movement”

“Shuker and After” (The IIML Awards)

Selected Reviews by L Wareham Leonard  

“Bearing Witness, Again” on Lizzie Marvelly & Feminism, New Zealand Books, 2019

“Life invisible” on The Pale North by Hamish Clayton, New Zealand Books, 2018

“Sentences by James Hynes Using the Word Middle-Age In No Particular Order, Up to Page 05”, 2011

“Girl, Uninterrupted,” on Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann, August 2010, The Listener

“Starry-eyed in New York” on Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, August 2009, The Listener

“Return to Manderley,” on Daphne Du Maurier, May 2007, The Listener

“Don’t Fight Back” on Non-Violence The History of a Dangerous Idea by Mark Kurlansky, February 2007, The Listener

“CSI Hollywood” on Parallel Lies  by Stella Duffy, 2005, The Listener

Rolling in it”on Oh the Glory of It All by Sean Wilsey, November 2005, The Listener

Additional Reviews in The New Zealand Listener, The Dominion Post, LeafSalon:

“The Precocious Ms Krauss” Nicole Krauss

“Reality used to be a friend of mine” DBC Pierre

“That was Holmes, Last Century” Julian Barnes

“So Bad” Katherine Harrison

“Visa… So vat?” Marina Lewycka

“Festival of Miracles” Alice Tawhai

”From Here to Maternity” Emma Neale

“What a Swell Party This Is” Adrienne Miller

“Reasons to Believe” J.M. Coetzee

“Carving Out Hope” Tina Shaw

“Talk Talk” TC Boyle

Three Middle Eastern Novels Hamid, Aswany, Hosseini

Selected Reviews of Louise’s Work

“So Dizzyingly Close,” Fourteen Lines: A Sonnet Obsession, Nov 2018  

Why Can’t You Be Sweet, a feature essay by Amanda Fortini in the LARB

Kirkus Reviews, May 2015

Bookshots, “52 Men”, Brian McGackin, LitReactor, 2015

52 Men,”Paul Dodd, Popwars

“The Question of Loneliness,” Michelle Elvy, Landfall Review, 2016

“Looking for Love” Kirsten McDougal, New Zealand Books, 2016

52 Men” Simon Sweetman, Off the Tracks, 2016

“Best Books of the Year,” Guy Somerset, The Listener, 2015

“Riches in Abundance,” Louise O’Brien, Book of the Week, The Dominion Post, 2007

A review on “GOOD MORNING TV ONE” Laura Kroesch, 2007

A Review on Speaking Volumes, Mary McCullum 2007

“Fathers and daughters at arm’s length,” Philippa Jamison, New Zealand Herald, 2007

“Lifestyles of the Rich and Flagrant,” Iain Sharp, Sunday Star Times, 2007

“A Damn good Shakeup,” Beryl Fletcher, New Zealand Books, 2007

“DO READ,” Cleo New Zealand, 2007

“Questions without Answers,” Emily Maguire, Sydney Morning Herald, 2006

Best Books, Dame Fiona Kidman, The Listener, 2005

Best Books, Guy Somerset, The Listener, 2004

Since You Ask, Entertainment Weekly #766, 2004

“Girls, Uninterrupted,” Jolisa Gracewood, The Listener, 2004

“All About My Father,” Caren Wilton, The Listener, 2004

Since You Ask, David Hill, Radio New Zealand, 2005

Since You Ask, Jennifer Przybylski, Rain Taxi 2004

Since You Ask, Beth Leistensider, Booklist, 2004

Since You Ask, Lori O’Dea,  American Book Review, 2004

Since You Ask, Stephen M Deusner, Pop Matters, 2004

Since You Ask, Deborah Humphreys, The Olive Press, 2004

Since You Ask, Amy Lotven, Smile Magazine, 2004

Since You Ask, Moira RIchards, Crescent Blues Book Views, 20004

Since You Ask, Darcy Cosper, Westchester Journal, 2004

Since You Ask, Collen Hollister, Small Spiral Notebook, 2004

Since You Ask, Janet McAllister, Canvas Magazine, 2004

“Uncomfortably Numb”Leafsalon, 2004

“Top Shelf Reading” Guy Somerset, The Listener, 2004

Selected Interviews:

Down the Rabbit Hole with Louise Wareham Leonard,, 2015

Five Questions for Louise Wareham Leonard, New Zealand Festival Magazine, 2015

Judith Regan Show, Sirius XM, New York, 2015

The Red Hen Press Launch of 52 Men, Los Angeles, 2015

Red Hen Press Launch of 52 Men, KGB Bar, Red Room, New York, 2015

Visiting Author, Genesee Reading Series, New York, 2014

Visiting Writer, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, 2013

Brisbane Writers Festival (Speaker), 2011

Contemporary Australian Fiction Festival (Speaker), Sydney, 2010

“Chat Room” Television Hawkes Bay, Feb 2008

“Nine to Noon” with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand, 2007

“Book Show” TV One with Emily Perkins and Finlay Macdonald, 2007

“Since We Ask,” A (Print) Interview by Kimberly Rothwell, The Dominion Post, 2007

Auckland Writers Festival (Panelist/Speaker), 2007

Wellington Writers Festival (Guest Panelist/Reader, 2007

PODCAST: Founder and Host of 52 Men: Women Telling Stories About Men

Each episode features Louise W. Leonard and one writer. Participants include:

  1. Amelia Negrepoti
  2. Lynne Tillman
  3. Jane Alison
  4. Janis Freegard
  5. Aurelie Sheehan
  6. Caroline Leavitt
  7. Rebecca Baumann
  8. Julia Slavin
  9. Siel Ju
  10. Emily Holleman
  11. Lisa Locascio
  12. Megan Giddings
  13. Andrea Vacher
  14. Kim Bailey
  15. Amy Hassinger
  16. Megan Giddings
  17. Lisa Locascio
  18. Saradha Karolia
  19. Eliza Factor
  20. Lisa Grunberger
  21. Melissa Green
  22. Seema Reeza
  23. Victoria Lancelotta
  24. Mia Funk
  25. Binnie Klein

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