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Since 2006, I have mentored writers. I specialize in line editing, and pointing out exactly how to improve and tighten language. .

Recent clients have signed with both big presses such as Simon & Schuster (2 book deal), the UK’s  Pen & Sword, as well as more popular publishing platforms: Page Publishing, Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing.

I prefer to work with one writer at a time:  but mentoring, coaching, and advising on publishing avenues and approaches.


In these writers’ words:

I want you to know that you’ve done more to support and encourage me in just three months than my former editor did for me during my entire three years under his direction.

Working with you has been a wonderful adventure.  You have lead me, championed me and developed me, all the way down the line to publication —- Sheryn 

You have an uncanny knack of nailing the things I need to hear.  You make me feel that I am capable of completing the book I want to write.  -Boris K

You are able to go with me to the dark places. You have empathy and know what I am trying to do and when you show me your edits, I actually see immediately, how to be a better writer. – Jay H.

My students have also published widely in a range of  national literary journals. References available upon request.


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