Just a little FYI, — draft tonight, because I have to go —

Catch me in passing if possible —  my reflexes are impressive due to high stress.

After growing up in New York City, companion to prospector, criminal and millionaire,      I span as far out as possible  — to the outback of Western Australia.

One day there, I met a roo hunter — a man who shot kangaroos for money, from rifles in his truck. I remember particularly disliking him, and when he left the building, I asked others about his attitude. He had, I was told, served time for shooting his first wife dead.

Instincts. Try to follow them.

Like the rest of my family (two parents, three brothers) I was born in New Zealand.

Like most there, I am of partial Maori descent. The Maori in me is quite distinct I  credit it for what doctors call my “mysterious strength.”

Regarding literature, I very much like German literature, and Greek. I  also favor Chekhov, and contemporary poetry: I want to make things as bright as possible for you — that kind of thing.

As of this year, I live as far from New York City as possible, while still living in New York.

I remain on fire most of the time. The holy spirit does not baptize by water but by fire — as I read in a Bible I picked up on my baptism at age 28.

My first fire was at age three in New Zealand. I set it myself.

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